Client: Allbum

End price: 1649 €

Service: (RE)design



NFTs, Web3, Social media platform

Design scope:

Graphic design, UX/UI design, Copywriting


Email marketing software, social accounts, CMS.


Allbum is a decentralized social media platform that facilitates the creation and interaction of NFTs.

The mission of Allbum is to be the next transition between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 by providing a decentralized social network and the ability to discover the world of NFTs.

My objective was to redesign their landing page according to their new brand guidelines and add multiple integrations, such as an email marketing software.

Phase 1

Ideation & wireframing.

In the first phase we started with research and idea generation.

  1. We defined the purpose of the product or service and identified the target audience with the help of their previous landing page.
  2. We conducted market research to gather insights on industry trends and user needs.
  3. We brainstormed and generated ideas for the new page
  4. We evaluated and selected the most promising ideas based on feasibility, market demand, and alignment with the product purpose and target audience.
  5. We created high-level wireframes to visualize the overall structure and layout of the product.
Phase 2


Now we started with creating an identity. Here we used various examples and created a mood board. The client has to approve the mood and design until we go to the next phase.

1. Typography
2. Colors







Phase 3

Final page

During the final phase we set up the website’s hosting and domain. The website is built using a content management system (CMS) with added code. Any necessary features or functionality, such as forms, calendars, or e-commerce capabilities, are also integrated during this phase.

Finally, we tested the website for functionality and user experience, and any necessary updates or fixes were made. The website was then launched and post-launch analysis was conducted to track performance and identify any additional updates or improvements.

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